Shake Your Soul

I teach a creative movement modality called Shake Your Soul in combination with other forms of expressive art.

Primary Art Form:

Creative Movement, Visual Art

Select Venues:
Other (Specify Below)
Other Venue:
Private Yoga Studios
Experience in Art and Health integration work, please specify:

Womens Resource Center, expressive arts facilitator for the Challenge Program, 2 years; Jewish Family and Children’s Services, expressive art for people with memory challenges, 2 years; Friendship Centers, creative art for caregivers, 1 year

Integration work with individuals outside of an organization:

Teaching Shake Your Soul at private yoga studios

Please list bulleted items of the services you offer:

*Shake Your Soul dance a unique and invigorating approach to body-spirit fitness incorporation elements of movement therapy, Qi Gong, yoga and dance.
* Expressive Arts

Yourself as an Arts and Health practitioner:

Although my career was in marketing, my essence has always been one of a dancer and artist. I am now embodying my essential self with Shake Your Soul dance, an emotional/sensual as well as a physical experience for participants.

Credentials and Affiliations:

Certificate in Art & Healing from Ringling College of Art & Design; Certified Shake Your Soul teacher, LevenInstitute for Life Movement

Any Other Comments:

Although I am not currently working directly in health care communities, I consider my work to be related to the health and well being of the participants, especially women in transition. (Aren’t we all?)

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