By partnering the use of the arts in healthcare, it is my desire that the work I do will help bring about peace, wellness, good health and not only to the people I serve but to my community as well.

Primary Art Form:

Visual arts such as collage & painting
Creative writing
Gentle movement

Select Venues:
Healthcare Organization
Other Venue:
Long term care/ Nursing Homes, ALF
Experience in Art and Health integration work, please specify:

Created and implemented a weekly Expressive Arts program @ HealthSouth Sarasota. For the past 5 years our Art in Healing Team provides Expressive Arts workshops as well as conduct Art by the Bedside patients and their caregivers. We have reached over 2500 people since our program’s inception.

Integration work with individuals outside of an organization:

For the past 11/2 years, I have worked with private individuals (mainly those with neurological disorders). By using various forms of the Expressive Arts, we are discovering how the arts can help reduce anxiety as well as provide better quality of life.

Please list bulleted items of the services you offer:

Create & Facilitate Expressive Arts Programs & Workshops for groups as well as for individuals.

Yourself as an Arts and Health practitioner:

High energy

Credentials and Affiliations:

Bachelor of Business Administration
Certificate Art in Healing
Certificate Arts in Healthcare

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