Lisa Richardson

I am a Mental Health Counselor Licensed in Florida, a Professional Counselor Licensed in Connecticut, and have a Master’s in Art Therapy from Albertus Magnus College in Connecticut.

I was motivated to apply for the Art Therapy graduate program after working with At-Risk-Youth in an afterschool art program. The student’s stimulated my curiosity to know additional ways the creative process can be helpful to emotional and cognitive development. Specifically, I wanted to learn how I could support and encourage our children to use art making as a tool for self-expression towards self-actualization. My hope for our youth was for them to improve their ability to manage their emotions and behaviors while gaining technical skills.

My Art Therapy training included learning the theory of developmental stages, psychopathology, theoretical approaches to counseling, multi-cultural understanding, ethics, and research. I completed a thesis based upon my research of the assessment tool Draw a Person in the Rain as it relates to the ability to cope with perceived stressors, which was published in The Arts in Psychotherapy 37 (2010) 233-239. My training included internships at community mental health facilities, and a hospital where I was able to apply the theoretical knowledge of using art materials, and art making as a therapeutic tool.

Social Accounts
Primary Art Form:

Hands-on creative media including painting, collaging, building with plaster cloth, and designing personal artist books.

Select Venues:
Community Organization
Experience in Art and Health integration work, please specify:

I have worked with populations in Mental Health outpatient facilities, domestic violence facilities, adult day training facilities, ages 3 – 70, work consisted of painting, collaging, and imaginative play.

Integration work with individuals outside of an organization:

I have been working with private clients referred by insurances or private-pay since 2014.

Please list bulleted items of the services you offer:

I have worked with clients as part of my counseling business.

Yourself as an Arts and Health practitioner:

* Work with clients where they are at emotionally
*Encourage self-expression through creative process
*Offer psycho-education to complete client’s creative work

Florida License:
Credentials and Affiliations:

American Art Therapy Association – Professional Member, International Association of Trauma Professionals – Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, National Board of Credentialed Counselors – National Certified Counselor

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