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Connect with the earth…anxiety unravelled. Reduce worry and let go of anxiety for solving the unsolvable in life.
Quite simply, you write down the issue and place it in the God box that you made and relinquish to your “Higher Power”
This is a spiritual practice not a religious one. What to put in box? Messages to do with worry , gratitude, petitions….
then let go.
The finality of the gesture in enjoyed by the mind. This gesture is at the center of all spiritual and self-help techniques. The simplicity belies it’s power. When one combines journaling with creativity to give structure to our own obsessive thinking, we have a unique opportunity to control one thing…ourselves, our thoughts.
I hope you will enjoy making your very own God Box with me.
Look to our website for dates to register, location and fee.

Start Date: June 16, 2016  Start Time: 10:00 PM

End Date: June 16, 2016   End Time:

All Day Event: 12:00 AMYes

Reoccurrence Type: None

Location: 1733 Northgate Blvd. Sarasota, FL 34234

Venue: Carla’s Clay Studio, 1733 Northgate Blvd. SRQ, FL 34234
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