Women in Search....Healing Through the Arts

We are Women in Search — Expressive Art facilitators who promote healing of the mind, body, soul and spirit through art and meditation. Using the layering of art forms such as painting, music, storytelling, sculpting, dance, yoga, and journaling, we evoke inner exploration, healing and peace. We create a non-judgmental atmosphere where you can relax and explore your inner self. Our goal is to create a place where you can create positive change in your life.

The process of expressive arts is found in ancient civilizations where religious and secular societies explore their awareness through ceremonies and customs. These ancient processes are powerful and can be utilized through art. We believe that creativity is a birthright and we can relearn ways to go inside ourselves to add to our life skills.

Our facilitators are trained in the field of expressive arts, and place the emphasis on the experience of our participants. We gently “push”, or make available, the opportunities to explore inner truths and the authentic self through the activities of our playshops. Join us on our journey of self-exploration and discovery. You’ll be surprised by the sense of peace and fulfillment you’ll experience.

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Cathy Liott
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Cathy Liott
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Community Arts Organization/ Company
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Women in Search…..Healing Through the Arts serves women of all ages for the purpose of healing mind, body, spirit. Work may be done in a community, small group or individual setting. All the art modalities are layered in different ways for self discovery and life skills.

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Patrice Kennedy
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