Today I am Grateful book

Hedda Matza – Haughton
Identify Ways to Express Gratitude

Today I am Grateful bookIn terms of gratitude, I suggest the first step is to find in your home a small pad or notebook or just plain paper and put the date on top and begin to list the things and people you are grateful during this time staying at home. One of my first responses is the increased time I have to spend with my husband and our focus on doing activities together. Another is my gratitude to my two friends Juliette and Leymis who help by shopping for me. 

The next step is to select an art form that works for you where you can create something that highlights one or more of the things and people you are grateful for. Choose the art form/s which are comfortable for you. Maybe even try one you haven’t done before. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Draw a picture or an abstract picture of someone or something you are grateful for.
  2. Put on some music and listen – You choose the music that makes you focus on something or someone on your gratitude list. Very recently, Bill Withers, an award-winning singer died and he had many songs that you can listen to and dance to feelings of gratitude. Such songs as Lean on Me, Lovely day, or Let it be.
  3. Dance to a song that makes you feel grateful.
  4. Using improvisational drama- become one of the people you are grateful for and speak their truth and act and move like them. You might even share this via the internet with them watching you.

  As is often said, make lemonade out of lemons. I hope that the focus on gratitude and opportunities and using the arts to express it will bring you joy and lemonade.

         Stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy.  Hedda 

Hedda Matza- Haughton, President of “For the Health of It “Consultation Services and Co-chair Arts for Health Sarasota- Manatee.

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