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Lisa Richardson – Growth in hard places

Stock Photo by Petr KratochvilWe have made it to a 3rd Self-Care Newsletter! I consider this is a great accomplishment since it is not the only thing needing to be done and it is not in my area of expertise. I am an introvert whose attention span also shifts quickly from project to project, and can easily feel overwhelmed by all I want and need to do.
I have been fortunate enough to be able to work-in-place doing counseling online, which gives me an opportunity to reach out to people trying new ways to communicate. I have a strong desire to share information about self-care activities with as many people as possible and to help them feel less isolated, and less heart-sick.
This time of COVID and social-distancing has left many feeling like our world has been turned upside down. Our world definitely has changed but that does not mean we can’t still grow and evolve. We will need to become very creative and think outside of the proverbial “box,” or outside of that which has been considered “normal” in society.  Besides, normal is merely a setting on the dry, not an accurate representation of life.

You are the light that will help us on our life journey. Thank you for being here.

Peace and Light,
Lisa Richardson, LMHC, Owner of Spirited Away Art Therapy, LLC

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