Inspires and Informs Listeners on WSLR 96.5 FM Community Radio

On May 16, 2018, Hedda had the privilege of being on the local community radio station, WSLR 96.5 on the program RESET, which airs every Wednesday night at 9 PM EST. She shared her insights on the power and health benefits laughter in joy, her personal experiences with life challenges and news on her upcoming laughter events in the Sarasota-Bradenton, Florida area. Hedda would like to thank Sharon De Folta, the radio host of RESET, who made her time on the radio show so meaningful by her ability to ask the best questions.

Hedda is one of the founders and the co-chair of Arts for Health Sarasota-Manatee. She is one of their professional arts for health professionals. If you go to their website you will see many other arts for health professionals, and more information on the power of arts for health.

After the radio show, a listener contacted Hedda and wrote the following:

“Loved your radio show. So interesting, informative and really to the point about the meaning of life as far as I’m concerned. I was deeply touched by “Smile” and your discussion of your father’s ability to smile through the pain, so to speak. I’m so glad I persisted and was able to enjoy this show. You sounded like a true authority while your voice revealed your kindness, your love of life and your desire to help others. I’m very touched. I have 60 minutes left in my life to be in my 60’s and at midnight tonight, I will become 70 years old. I feel so blessed to have spent some of my last minutes in my 60’s listening to you on the radio. Thank you.”

Play the excerpt below to hear Hedda on Radio RESET

Check out Hedda’s events calendar to find more upcoming laughter and other events.

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