A Film by Meybis C. Pitty

The Art of Healing

The Arts of Healing

The Art of Healing trailer

The Art of Healing is a 20-minute documentary exploring the role art has in healing a person’s mind, body, and soul. The documentary portraits stories of people who have overcome challenges, illness, grief, disabilities and more through the opportunity to see, experience and share artistic expressions. 


All of these stories show the true power art can make to people of any age, ability, gender, class, and experience. The message this documentary carries is one of awareness, support, and encouragement to people struggling with mental health, disabilities, trauma, and physical pain. The message elaborates on how art can be a form of healing and self-expression and acknowledges art as a reliable source of therapy in an era where mental health is in desperate need of being acknowledged and addressed. Finally, the documentary informs artists about how they can help people through art and explore art’s meaning in a personal and intrasocietal level. Many studies prove the power art can have on someone’s mind, body and spirit; this documentary is a testament to that.

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