Lifelong Learning EXPO 2020

Hedda-Matza-Haughton, Humor Expert w/Robyn

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Laugh for the Health of It:
Hedda-Matza-Haughton, Humor Expert

By Robyn Levin

As seen on national TV as an expert in such issues as humor, stress management and creativity through laughter, meet Hedda and learn how to improve your life with laughter. Interviewed by Robyn Levin. Laugh for the Health of It is one of Hedda’s nationally acclaimed programs that deals with the emotional and physiological benefits of laughter, joy, fun and play and how these can be incorporated into your life. 

As a cancer survivor, she looked at life through a different lens and teaches others how to do the same. Hedda is the founder of “For the Health of It” Consultation Services, a company that promotes the health of organizations and individuals in an electrifying, non-traditional manner.

 Meet Hedda in person at the upcoming Lifelong Learning Expo, February 5, 2020 in Sarasota, Florida. Get a sneak peek on this video at her one-woman show: Inner Voices–Sex, Intimacy and Aging and her goal is off Broadway.

Hedda has created support programs for survivors of cancer and other chronic and life- threatening illnesses, their families and the community.

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