5 Reasons You Need To Journal

Need To Journal

Life is fleeting, and we rarely take moments to slow down, reflect and look back at how far we’ve come. For many of us, days of brightly decorated childhood diaries embellished with plastic locks are long gone, but the reasons to open up and put pen to the page still remain. Here are five significant reasons to consider need to journal.need to journal.

1. You can just write

Put down the laptop, smartphone and recording devices, and pick up a pen. A journal keeps things simple, allowing you to step away from technology and enjoy the tactile pleasure of writing in the old-fashioned way.

2. It allows self-focus

We are often so busy with the responsibilities of life and the endless list of things we want to do for other people that we don’t stop to concentrate on ourselves. Even making time to write a weekly journal entry provides an opportunity to slow down and focus on no one other than yourself.

3. It helps you organize your thoughts

Sometimes just “letting it out” is what you need. When facing a decision, a journal provides a platform to organize your thoughts with no judgment or unsolicited advice. Whether you write a list of pros and cons or scribble down lengthy musings that go on for pages, you have a valuable space to assess your options and guide yourself through the difficult process of making choices.

 4. It’s good for your health

A University of Texas study showed that journaling strengthens immune cells and decreases symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and asthma. Writing accesses the left brain, allows the right brain to create, and provides an outlet for de-stressing.

5. You have a record of your life

Some of the best books ever penned started as memoirs. From celebrations like job promotions and graduations to working through treatment for an illness, a journal contains your experiences just as you remember them. A journal allows you to look back on your travels and remember life’s milestones whenever you want. In addition, as the author of your ongoing story, you can leave a legacy for those who will want to know the history of your life. Through a journal, your story can live on long after you’re gone.




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